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Three-year-olds love to explore words and language. They enjoy
making up stories. Their favorite literary characters are often
animals with human traits, such as Curious George.

During the third year of life, children enjoy expressing their new
found sense of humor. Silly word games and imaginative tales are
just a few of the ways that three-year-olds amuse themselves!

Very active, they can be found observing and exploring the world
around them. Children this age perfect their motor skills by
spending endless hours climbing the jungle gym or going down the
same slide. They enjoy songs that can be accompanied by
whole-body rhythmic movements.

The three-year-old is eager to please. It's a wonderful time to
establish excellent lifelong habits, if parents have the patience!
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flourished while attending
Happy Kids. He loves his
teachers and amazes me
each day with all the new
things he can't wait to tell me
about. The entire staff is
friendly, helpful, and loving
with the children which puts
my mind at ease. I love
Happy Kids.

~Kristy Pitman (parent)