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12 months - 24 months
During their first 12 months, many newborns triple their
weight. Following birthday number one, the next 12 months
result in a 25 percent average increase of body weight. This
year dawns the "Age of Toddler-hood" with life-changing
mobility. Baby is self-centered and oblivious to others’
wishes unless they personally coincide. One-year-olds begin
playing make-believe games and love to imitate adult actions
like sipping coffee and answering the telephone. Unable to
comprehend the concept of sharing, they engage in parallel
play as opposed to playing together. This means that while
they are with playmates, they scrutinize and imitate their
actions but do not actually engage in play. This presents a
social challenge for parents since baby desires
companionship but isn’t ready to play with others yet.
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